• We are the main drafting unit of the Industry Standard of T/CSSGA1010-2018 《Removable Self-stick Notes》.
• Now our products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world through OEM/ODM.

Company Profile

Founded in 1999, we are devoted to research,development and manufacturing of the Removable Self-stick Notes and Index Films with a Surface Engineering Research lnstitute, three Manufacturing factories(Beijing, Henan and Shenzhen), a Management Dept., a Service Center and an International Trade Dept.

Our registered trademarks are “Office Assistant”, “商务贴”,“可再贴”and so on. With 22 years efforts, we have become the leading domestic supplier of Removable Self-stick Notes, Index Films and Paper cubes .

We have a number of core and proprietary technologies in the industry, and more than 150 independent innovation projects. Various process innovations have been leading the development of the trends, among which the invention patent of "Making Method of the Removable Self-stick Notes " has made an important contribution to the quality upgrade of the industry, which is mainly reflected in the ease of peeling and long-term sticking without warping.

Our company is the main drafting unit of the industry standard for the T/CSSGA1010-2018 "Removable Self-stick Notes" , and is the only Chinese company that can compete with top international brands in quality.

Green and environmental protection has always been the social responsibility practiced by our company. The special paper and the Water-based Microsphere Suspension Adhesive used are all produced by our own supply chain, and all have passed the environmental protection testing of international testing institutions such as SGS, RoHS, EN-71, REACH and so on. Our company is the exclusive provider in the “G20 Summit 2016 in Hangzhou”, "Belt and Road Summit 2017" , and the “BRICS Summit 2017”, our highlight quality has won an international reputation for Made in China.

With 22 years effort, now we have become the leading domestic supplier of Removable Self-stick Notes, Index Films and Paper cubes , 85% of our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions by OEM/ODM/OBM and customize printing products, the rest are supplied to meet the ever-growing demands of domestic market. We have won the confidence of customers domestic and abroad in our commercial integrity.

Striving to meet customers' requirements and market wants are always the engine of our growth, we will continue to make efforts to be a leading worldwide supplier and manufacturer of Removable Self-stick Notes, index Film Paper cubes, Special Tapes and Removable Label.

We have been walking on the road of industry innovation by research and development.


In order to build a green and low-carbon office environment and protect the physical and mental health of consumers, our company's "re-stickable eco-friendly paper" and "re-stickable water-based suspended microsphere pressure-sensitive adhesive" have all passed the international SGS, China Testing, etc. Environmental testing and certification。

Chinese invention patent

EU REACH SVHC restriction testing

SGS Certification- glue

SGS Certification-paper

SGS Certification-Indax Tab



DeLi-Excellent Supplier Award